Semester one

Chalks and a dusting piece

(Welcome to the Third world classroom.)

A notebook or chart firmly tucked under armpit

The masters and stresses decently dressed

Troop to the ‘Academic CPUs’

Ready to choke illiteracy.

An eager audience awaits

Minds like blank slates,

Duty to imprint wisdom and knowledge

In words and figures.


A Syllabus to cover,

Lesson Goals and objectives must be achieved.

A Co-curriculum programme,

To keep Jack from being dull.

Lessons a day,  chapters in History,

Figures of speech in languages

And Logathrims in Arithmetics,

Science practicals in the lab

And hours in the cold Ancient Library.

Bells signal intermission

Or the anticipated meals time.


Examination, never welcome

Is the ghost

That scares every scholar,

Highlight, enumerate or discuss

Kinds of Verbs in the Quiz.


All wish alternative means to earn.

Soon it will be a Semester and

That Report must impress

Else another lecture will ensue

“Wasting my money in that School?”

How can one explain

The difficult questions

Guardians and Parents ask.

But the Holiday is always welcome

Celebrate and Party with buddies

And relatives

As soon will be

Another SEE Mister.













First Day at School.

Remember your first day at school?

All those eyes of strangers,

Giggles, snares and stares.

Then the fear

That the big boy will beat you?

Dad or mum or whoever

Leaves with a wave bye

You long to follow them

But master says no,

‘You are at School!’

And suddenly, all alone,

You are left in the new world

Of teachers, pupils, bells, books

Which makes School.

It feels Scaring to be at School

First Day

Like a Tongue of Fire…

With a Word

One has the Power

To make bitter or to cheer

So do not be quick  a word to atter

Once out, its impact on another’s not easy to alter.

Through the Spirit, puttin Self Control in place in prayer,

The enemies of peaceful Unions forever, we can all Conquer.

We must choose life over death, both of which are accessible to its user.

Praise all sincerely when it’s deserved,

Correct and inform them when displeased,

‘Bless, Do not curse,’ our Rabbi in the Book instructed,

‘Tame your Tongue,’ the Apostle to the Early Church admonished.

As with a tongue of fire, a whole forest is gutted,

Or with it, comfy Restplace warmed.

At once so can life be demolished

Or Future established

With a WORD.




That was my Teacher! She said

Who is a teacher?

What makes a great teacher?

What do you remember about your teacher?

What nick names did you call your teachers?

What gift would you give your best teacher?

Any correction you would give your teacher.

Today’s Reflection was triggered by an exclamation from my friends, we had a visiting speaker and upon seeing him, they exclaimed,” That was our teacher!” This left me reflecting on my best teachers, not one or two. Some in fact were not ‘best’ according to my perception then, but they are today. You know those teachers who were good at spanking!? You had to take their corrections and never be late! Some had unspeakable names you still recall. These now aging creatures have become your coveted idols and some mentors or simply sources of inspiration.

World over, there are teachers and Great Teachers. They need not be at School or College, they need not be graduates of School of Education, trained in curriculum, education psychology or its philosophy. Great teachers need not be eloquent or with legible writing or use chalks and dust or overhead projectors and slides. Think about it:

You can be that GREAT teacher to a kid on the street, walking home or your own at home.

You can be that GREAT teacher to your grandchild or niece.

You can be that GREAT teacher to an orphan or a teenager who likes you.

You can teach as you act, behave, post on media! You can teach young or old!

Your can teach mesmerizing philosophical arguments or simple ideas and morals; correcting or just by practicing.

YES you can teach and be that GREAT TEACHER.

BRAVO Teachers all over the World!

BRAVO my BEST teachers!

BRAVO my Primary School English teacher!

BRAVO to Jesus Christ, the Great Teacher!

Just What Would I do if…

Today’s Reflection came as a sudden thought some time at break time and so I asked my friend and Colleaque, ” What would you do if you woke up and found yourself unemployed, like you were no longer required at school or office(no employer and hence no salary)?”

She was first shocked, but courageous enough that she managed a sketchy plan of how she could get her live going and declared;” I would never seek employment again! ” That also struck me. The reality that most of us in offices and within school walls are there unwilling! And that given a chance we could be elsewhere! So its never that we have no options, may be we wonder how we can take those options.

I was left to my thoughts and attempting to figure out my life without a job or free from the confines of office and school almost seemed ‘an inconveniencing dream’. But then as critical thinker and artist, ‘why can’t I imagine myself, all on my own, free to choose my tasks, under no boss and without a routine to dictate on my time?’

Just what would I do if I were not employed…?

Sell brown Mandazis along a street or kibada!

Plant an orchard of Mangoes for export!

Keep some Friesian and sell sour milk!

Sell some nice mutumba clads at the market!

Could make a wonderful Mat driver not a taut!

Rear chicken for meat! Several broilers!

freelance writing or photographer!

Offer curriculum consultation services or coaching needy children free with sponsorship!

Devote my time to preaching and safe souls!

Of course the last is not the least….

The list is long and I sit back and now the question changes to;

Which of the above can I do while still employed?

Please, leave your comment!

Own a genuine plot-An Allusion.

Let me allude!

Every one is rushing to get a piece of land, not only that to put up a structure that’s really a prestige. But as it happens, there are guys who know how to take fast routes to get rich.

Tonny had such desire so when he met Tarrus, he shared the big dream he had of owning a real estate, a bungalow and a tinted car. Unfortunately, he didn’t know how to achieve this dream. Tonny being a brilliant man though from a poor background suggested they apply a loan and seek for genuinely acquired land. It would take a long procedure, and so Tarrus doubted whether they will ever be get to that dream. He spoke to his other boys about it and in a weeks time all and sundry got to know his plans.

A month late Tarrus met Colly and he suggested to him that an agent would sell him a plot at a cheap price little did he know that he was being led to a swindlers trap. He met the agents in secret and with a guarantee he was declared a landlord but the papers would wait. He seized sharing his plans with Tonny who took a loan and was check with the lands commission for a genuine land.

In one year time Tarrus owned a storey, his dream was in his hands, a reality. Least did he know it was short lived. He enjoyed rent for two years, and then tragedy struck one Monday morning when the genuine land lord arrived with the police and a charges sheet. Tarrus soon lost millions of money he had spent with the land sellers cartels in the city.

One year later, he was humbled and called Tonny who had cleared with the bank and now owned a hostel next to a public university.

Today’s reflection is a Biblical allusion my reader. Jesus Christ, the wisest man spoke of two men, a fool and a wise man. One who took a short, fast route and build on the sand as the other struggled digging the rock, lastly the rains tested their structure and gosh! the fools house fell and it was a terrible fall!

Reflect on this, are you building on the sand, taking short cuts in life?

Are you taking other partner’s spouses instead of seeking to have your family?

Do you choose to rig votes, or cheat in exams? Do you cheat your spouse for a nights pleasure? All these possessions are short lived, soon you will have a great loss!

And if you are not a believer, you trust your possessions or property, you are building on the sand…your cash is but sand, your brown skin is but sand, any material thing you trust is but sand, Jesus Christ is the ROCK.

Those who believe in Christ who do his word and will are sure of eternity, we are building on the rock. Taking the long route in life and our reward is sure!


Painful Losses Worth moarning.

Can you compare the painful pains of loosing?

When I type away paragraphs, or stanza of a poem and finally realize I had not saved the draft and gosh! Its all gone. I lose…A painful loss!

Can we equit that with when your updated resume is ‘chewed up’ with the ‘virus’, or your music and videos files suddenly can not play…you feel a lose! A painful lose!

Imagine when you got your son a new toy! a bike or a toy car, all new and with flashing lights, or the girls teddy bear doll-then one fine morning it went missing or was crushed by the reversing car and all that remained were small pieces…it was a painful loss!

A heart break is a loss! When the sweet words turn sour and loving smiles become grimaces and soft caressing become blows, a lover walking away or a devorce could be a painful loss!

When you lose a bet! How about that! Your favourite team, top on the league plays a least known team, that was a sure bet but you lose. Isn’t that a painful lose!

Death often can be selective, taking the particular one who you love. Everyone has one or many who feel the lose. Words can not condole and no one can take their place-those who go- its a terrible lose, a painful lose!

Or figure out that investiment, money from the loan not yet paid up. Or infletion strikes and hence depreciation. That real estate business collapses or apartment go up in smoke! Or your car stoned right in the highway as rogue students strike. Such are great loses. Really painful loses!

So does the lose of the writer or poets lines compare to the loss of a job opportunity or promotion?

The pain your son or daughter endures upon the loss of the toy or the teddy compared to their mother walking away. Both are painful loses, can they be compared?

The loss of a game, one you sweat blood under the shouts of the coach, or you placed a bet and lost,a loved one who went to be with the maker or a mega investment that went into smoke compare!

Can painful loses compare!

Painful loses become as such because of the value we attach to the item or person! That lose causes pain!

Its all a painful lose!

Equally Worth moarning!

(In memory of Ruth, my neighbour)

When Your Local Language is Foreign.

Remember those days “kids from the City”came home and could not speak vernacular though there mum or dad spoke in pure Kikuyu, Dholuo or Kikamba? How they were treated as celebs at some point and got followers willing to volunteer as “Interpreters”?
Away from that my reader, my reflection today was ignited by the event on Monday that caused a stir in the Kenyan Social Media. It happened that the My President’s son could not speak in Kiswahili and so a Smartphone became hardy. The questions that triggered this reflection include, whether Muhoho is really a Kenyan born and whether he has any cultural roots in this land where “Kiswahili is our pride” and whether by the fact that he is the President’s son,and his father was the first President’s son – the family ever speaks the local languages, or they speak other foreign languages. It sounded dramatic if not embarrassing!

parts of speech in English Language.

Ask any English speaker especially those who speak the language as a second language about “parts of speech” and you have yourself something to make you smile. These parts of speech are usually the introduction to English language as it is in most syllabus but its those things you teach or learn in languages that remain just that-like literary theories or linguistic jargon-theory.
So “What are the parts of speech? How many parts of speech do we have in English language? Give an example of a Parts of Speech?”Let me refresh your memory or rather lets refresh each others memory:Parts of speech refer to the different categories of words, as we can group them in English. Take for example: Tom,tree, cow, man,woman and such are Nouns,while kick,speak,write and teach are Verbs. And, or,because and such are Conjunctions.As for how many they are,in the Parts of Speech, let me attempt to List:
Articles,Nouns,Verbs,Adjectives,Adverbs,Pronouns,Conjunctions,Interjections and Prepositions.There we are, nine in total. so parts of speech have nothing to do with what your infamous politician comes up with during rallies,its simply a linguistic criteria (my linguistics colleagues can correct me)to help language learners trace a pathway while studying and learning the language. This makes your language teacher’s reflection today. Bye.